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You will need Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or later installed in your web browser in order to take the online courses.

If you can see a revolving Husqvarna medal above, you already have the player installed. If not, visit to download the latest version.

Some courses also require that you have Java software installed on your computer. Java is another very common requirement for many applications on the Internet. Download it for free at

Headphones or loudspeakers
You will need to have headphones or loudspeakers connected to your computer in order to hear the audio in the online courses.

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Step 1: Have your Dealer number ready

In order to obtain a student account you will need a dealer number. If you don't know the number, contact your manager.

Step 2: Have an active email account

You will be given information about your learning progress and new courses by E-mail. It is therefore important that you register an E-mail address that you frequently use. If you don't have an E-mail address, you can get one for free at any E-mail site, for example at Outlook.

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